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Reusable container

Class: А, B, C

Capacity: 12 l

Container for collection, storage and transportation of medical wastes MK-03 "MedKom" (reusable with a cover)


Collection and storage of medical wastes in places of origin, transportation of wastes to places of temporary storage;

Design features: 

A cover with tightly adjacent edges and stiffeners, as well as a fixation rim on the bottom edge.

Item material: polypropylene.


Actual item capacity - 12 l. 

  • Item height – 30.5 cm,
  • upper diameter – 28.5 cm,
  • lower diameter – 22 cm.

Design options:

  1. Class А (white) – epidemiologically safe wastes that are close to solid household wastes by their composition.
  2. Class B (yellow) – epidemiologically dangerous wastes.
  3. Class C (red) – epidemiologically extra dangerous wastes.

Complete parts:

  • Container - 1 pc.
  • Cover- 1 pc.
  • Label -1 pc.

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