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EM container

Class: B
Capacity: 15 l


EM container (yellow) with capacity 15 l.


For disinfection of processed medical materials, with tap for discharging disinfectant solution.

Design features:

EM container consists of a cylindrical 15 l tank of yellow color, which bottom is elevated for 9 cm. The wall at the bottom on the one side has a cut above which a tap screwed in the bottom is placed. Inside, above the bottom, a grid is located at height 14 mm. Inner and external covers are available.
Before using, a container should be assembled. To do this, insert a tap in a tap cut, so that a resin sealing ring was outside, and place a nut on a tap thread from the inner side. Holding a nut with a thumb, screw the tap and install it with a discharge nozzle facing down. Put a grid on the bottom of a container.


  1. Materials provided for disinfection should be put in a yellow polyethylene packet, which has ready cuts on the bottom.
  2. Put a packet on a grid.
  3. Pour a disinfectant solution in a container, cover a packet with an inner cover from above. Put an external cover and wait for disinfection time according to an instruction.
  4. Upon disinfection, discharge a disinfectant solution through a tap.
  5. Open an external cover and by pressing on an inner cover try to squeeze disinfectant solution from a packet. Take out an inner cover and a packet with materials subjected to disinfection, for further utilization.

Complete parts:

  • Container
  • Tap
  • Grid
  • Inner cover
  • External cover


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