Polyethylene packet

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Polyethylene packet

Packet for collection of wastes of class:

А (white), B (yellow), C (red), D (black)


Collection, labeling and sealing of medical wastes A, B, C, D in places of origin.

Design features:

Single-use, double-layer packet for collection, storage and utilization of medical wastes. A packet consists of two layers: the upper layer of high pressure 30%; the polyethylene inner layer of low pressure 70%. Color corresponds to color-coding of wastes of class А, B, C, D. A welding seam runs along the width of a packet, a lateral seam is absent. Seam width is 1.5 mm. Tearing weld strength is at least 70% of strength of the film. An informative window is placed on a packet, which contains the following information: waste class, healthcare center name, full name of a person responsible for utilization of wastes. An informative window is located in the center of a packet and is put using a flexographic print.

Dimensions of standard packets:

  • 330*300 mm,
  • 330*600 mm,
  • 500*600 mm,
  • 600*1000 mm,
  • 700*800 mm,
  • 800*900 mm,
  • 800*1000 mm,
  • 700*1100 mm,
  • 800*1100 mm.

Special dimensions and special film thickness (µm) can be manufactured.

Design options:

  1. Class А (white) – epidemiologically safe wastes that are close to solid household wastes by their composition.
  2. Class B (yellow) – epidemiologically dangerous wastes.
  3. Class C (red) – epidemiologically extra dangerous wastes.
  4. Class D (black) – toxicologically dangerous wastes of 1-4 class of danger.

Complete parts:

  • Packet.
  • Packet, tag, clamp.
  • Packet, clamp.

Polyethylene packets with clamps fully correspond to SanPiN “Standards for collection, storage and utilization of wastes in healthcare centers”.


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